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The Blueprint Club

blueprint clubIt is a very confusing time to be a man. You are encouraged to de-armor and soften, but if you open too much, you find yourself ill-prepared to manage the marketplace and the still edgy elements of reality. It is still a survivalist world, after all. If you don’t open at all, you live without real intimacy and are at risk of all manner of disease- the emotional and physical illnesses that emanate from a closed heart and rigid musculature. So how do you find a balance, a gradual transformation, recognizing that real change takes real time, and that I cannot alter my warrior conditioning overnight.

The key is to allow yourself to voice the fears, acknowledge them and trust that when things become difficult, you can find a different way forward.

It's may take centuries to transform the male psyche in a more enheartened direction. One person can only do so much, and, at the same time, every step is huge. When we make a small step in the direction of a new paradigm, we are almost carrying a whole crew of ancestors along with me. You can almost hear them breathing a sigh of relief, like "thank you... that armor was damn heavy. It's nice to finally surrender..." Our objective is to change perceptions and give a new definition to success

loveUrSoul Agency

loveursoulagencyThe LoveurSoul Agency is a match-making service for those looking for life-changing support from a coach or therapist but don't know where to begin.

Part of our job is to clarify your underlying needs and when we have done this, help you to decide which type of approach is right for you.

Based in Sussex but with coaches and clients all over the world, we work with those wishing to transform their lives. Are you someone who would like things to change? Are you ready to go from survive to thrive ?