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Live your Life Well


They say 'health is our wealth', but the truth is this relies on a balanced central nervous system, and being willing to live shamelessly wholeheartedly. Honesty with ourselves is the key and there can be no price tag on that.

Your perception of you is all that really matters and when you align with a belief system that is relevant for you now, and own it 100%, your wellbeing finds its balance too naturally because you connect with the people, the situations and the tools that keep you well for longer.

Creating a life you never need to escape from again gives you the freedom to live your life well and stay well for longer.

  • Are you sleeping well at night ?
  • Are you confident your children have the tools to live their lives well ?
  • Are you waiting for someone to tap you on the shoulder and ‘suss’ you out ?
  • Are you reliant on 'things' in your life  in order for you to survive never mind thrive 

We believe you can have it all ( whatever that looks like to you ) and stay well for longer, whilst also having the confidence that you are creating the foundations for your children to live their own lives well too.  They watch what you do not what you say.

To live wholeheartedly, we must be willing to be both vulnerable and brave and it is when are ok to be us 'shamelessly', that our worlds really find balance on every level:

Our goal is to take you 'out of your mind' and into your body so you can live your life well naturally. We aim to help you sleep well at night, wake up rested and ready for each day and to really 'know' that you and your family have the tools and the know how to stay well from cell to soul for longer

Coffee with a Purpose

Fear is one of the biggest triggers of 'Dis-ease' and yet when we all too many people are living with worry and fear as part of our daily routine.

Leanring how to worry-less, trust more is something that comes when we are in alignment with us and when we are, our children have a habit of following our example.

Would you like to know the key to staying well in mind, body and soul ? Would you like to worry-less about living well yourself and if you have have children instead trust that they will live well in a way that works for them.

True wellbeing is not the absence of 'dis-ease' but the connection of  your mind, body and soul and your alignment with everything in your life (money/friends/love/health/fun... ).

When you are in alignment with you from cell to soul not only will you sleep well and wake up rested and ready for the day ahead but you will also know who to reach out to and as and when you need to. Your ability to both ride the waves and see the storms will become second nature.

If you want to say goodbye to worry and fear and say hello to 'freedom through responsibility' for both you and those you love, Coffee with a Purpose' may be perfect for you.

Coffee with a Purpose is  a selection of programme's that allows you to allow life to work for you not to you  and for you to work out how that works for you at a pace you are comfortable with over a cuppa and a piece of cake.. We believe you can have your cake and eat it and we have 4 different topics for you to choose from all relating to teaching you how to stay well for longer



Aligned and In Business

Getting seen is not always easy especially when there is so much noise in the wellbeing market, you don't want to sell your 'soul' in order to get seen, and in truth selling is not really your thing, helping people live well is. When we are not in alignment with ourselves our business will not thrive.

Our programme helps you get seen in a way you can feel comfortable with, tells your audience exactly what you are capable of, makes sure you are in alignment with your business and shows your audience how you can help them stay well for longer on their terms.

We can take the stress out of learning to talk to your audience without 'selling' but by simply being you. The first trick is to engage with them not sell.

We work with people that empower others to live their lives well for longer simply by coming out of their minds and into their own hearts and souls, be that through exercise, product, nutrition, therapies and or coaching.

Our goal is to empower you to reach people that want to stay well for longer.

By working with us, together we will enable your audience to take control of the choices they have when it comes to their wellbeing whilst also passing on your knowledge about your expertise and encouraging them to work with you long term.

Health is our wealth and there is no price tag on that. But trusting that the person you about to spend money with cares about you as a person not just about making money themselves. We aim on achieving both.

We know you are worth it and we want your audience to understand they are worth the investment too but it begins with aligning you 100% with your business


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A Message From Lucy:

Living in the 21st century is tough at the best of times but living life to the full can be made much easier if you listen to your body, live from the heart, trust your instinct, and forgive yourself for being human.

This does not mean everything goes right all the time, but it does mean we question things when they don’t feel quite right and we trust we will find the right answers for us. When we are in alignment with ourselves on the inside we find that our outside world finds its alignment too. Abundance in our lives only comes when we are ready and we own ourselves 100%. Our perception of us is the only one that really matters. What others perceive of you is actually a reflection of them. 

When it comes to health we believe in Functional medicine which enables you to connect the mind, body and soul. Prevention is always better than cure and we can only do this if we start understanding ourselves and how we can get the best from our lives. We hope our lessons in life will help you live your life to the full in great health and full of vitality.


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