Coaches and Functional Medicine

We like to recommend people that know wellbeing is the connection of the mind and body and are in the business of practicing ‘Functional medicine’. We also like to recommend people who know there is no one size fits all. Every one we mention here we believe is in a position to both serve and are willing to constantly evolve themselves. Having worked with many therapists and coaches over the years, the ones we recommend 'shine' in a market that is become busy and often confusing. Some we work with within the agency,some we have helped become visible and some we just think you should know about. We personally feel it is always about 'chemistry' more than knowledge and that takes trust.

Whether you are looking for a specific treatment, a selection of therapies to aid with a current wellbeing transformation you are in, or are just looking for guidance, the body therapists and coaches here can help you unravel your onion layers and find the balance with your mind, body and soul. All you need to be is committed to doing your part. Some we list on the database and some we don't so please contact us if you don't find what you are looking for we may well still be able to help as our little black book is quite extensive